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Workout Of The Day 3/14

Fullride Christian
Mon, 14 Mar 2016 18:07:17 GMT

Hey Fullride Nation, Going to be starting a new series here on the forums for everyone to join in on. I will be posting some sort of workout of the day a couple days a week for anyone who wants to try it. Typically this is a workout that I will do myself so it should be pretty simple. I like to split my days between upper and lower, this comes from my background of workout out with football programs and others alike. Today's workout: Upper Day, Chest, Back, Shoulders Chest Bench: 6 Total Sets: 1x10, 3x5 (Heavy), 2x8-10 (Light) The light sets will seem heavier but push through it and try and get all 8 Close Grip Bench: 3x10 (Moderate) This will help train the triceps some Incline DB Bench: Follow Reps and Weight from Bench Sets Shoulders Standing DB Arnold Press: 3x8-10 (Moderate) This is a twist on the typical shoulder press. Front and Lateral DB Raises: 3x8 (Moderate) Back Straight Arm Lat Pull Down: 3x10 (Moderate) Seated Lat Pull Down: Follow Bench Sets and Reps