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Variables across different Save Profle Name(s) and Scenes?

Wed, 30 May 2018 04:55:02 GMT

I want to create a main pick a story area and stories with multiple chapters that is selected from the main pick a story. Let's call the main pick a story's Save Profile Name and Save Data Key as "Main" and the story is "Story". On Main, there's only 1 main save point with resume on load and it saves again when selecting a story before setting Save Profile to "Story" and loading the scene for "Story" for chapter 1. On main flowchart I set up a variable called "[GameName]Chapter" and set it to public. On the "Story" I complete chapter 1 of story I then use -Commands- --Save Point --Set Save Profile "Main" --Set Variable "[GameName]Chapter" == 2 //to verify that chapter 1 is complete and chapter 2 can be taken. --Save Variable Key as "[GameName]Chapter" with the Variable "{GameName]Chapter" --Load Scene "Main" On the "Main" scene --If "[GameName]Chapter" != 0 --Load Variable "[GameName]Chapter"//which is set to automatically do every time the scene is loaded. But this just loads in a 0. Can someone help me out here.