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How can I devote my all time in studies without being distracted?

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 14:34:15 GMT

I am class 11th student and taking coaching for neet 2019. I am admitted to a dummy school and having alot of time for studying but distraction is my weak point. I live in a pg in New Delhi. Hope you can help me out.....!!!

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 09:19:51 GMT

Hey Shanaya,you know what your distractions are,just get rid of them. If it's social media delete all your accounts.Social media is very pointless in your scenario and I can't stress this enough. If it's hanging out with friends then well learn to say "No" .Just say "No,I'm busy".It gives you more power and increases your self respect,most importantly gives you time to study.Try it out you'll thank me.

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:56:00 GMT

Gurjot is correct but if going cold turkey is too much for you you can prioritize your needs higher than your wants. Allot you time in such a way that your distractions can never consume you. It's ok to say no but not at the cost of relationships. And yeah as gurgot pointed out social media is pointless so please dump it, believe me even a tight leash won't trick it get a clean break. These exams are really important and if you want efforts to be fruitful then better spend time for it. Good luck on your exams:)

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 15:42:05 GMT

Thnq so much both of you..... surely I will follow your advice for a bright future. But there is one more problem. I am lacking a driving force that can persist me to study. Many times I planned a schedule for my studies but each and every time it failed.

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 18:20:48 GMT

Hey Shanaya! I would want to add a psychological aspect to training yourself for reaching your goals. If you use these tools correctly and sincerely, you are guaranteed to get the results. Firstly you must understand that your subconscious mind is where lasting driving force, focus and memory come from. Here are some tips that engage the subconcious mind perfectly to get you the results: *1.* Write down your Goals very specifically "I will finish Chapter 1 and 2 ompletely by July 24, 1.30pm". That is a specific goal, which gives a deadline to your brain. *2.* Next, just imagine for 5 minutes how it would feel to have finished those two chapters, how nice it would feel to be on schedule. How easily you will be able to solve the test papers for those chapters. Basically imagine all the positive outcomes of achieving the goal and then get to work on it. That positive feeling will really give you a drive. *3.* Write these goals on papers or sticky notes and put on walls, or mirrors, where you can see them regularly and feel motivated to achieve them. *4.* Lastly, do not put too many goals that might overwhelm you. So start with 3 or 5, imagine the end results and start working on them. You should study in intervals of 90mins and take breaks in between. Also, have a hobby or meet your friends once a while because if you study for too long and continuously, your attention and motivation decreases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHfjvYzr-3g I hope I could help!

Sat, 26 Aug 2017 14:42:08 GMT

Say no to social media (does not mean don't interact with others) . It will be a bit boring at first but you will used to it.

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 16:18:40 GMT

what Sanjula said completely true- Your sub-conscious is the accelerator as well as the brakes. Those tips are invaluable. Before sitting down to study take a few minutes to organize your self. (*These few minutes are absolutely necessary) Put away the Distractions. Study has shown that lesser visual distractions leads to greater concentration and grasping of a topic. So... lesser books on the table(Other books out of sight that's what i mean) only the books you're going to read or study in that particular period of time. As for the sticky notes those are the most necessary. They are what help to to focus on what you're doing. Stick them most Preferably where you can see them whilst sitting. But try not to stick too many sticky notes on the walls otherwise they too serve as distractions.(oh and the walls get spoiled too hehe..). However the most Dangerous Distraction is the SmartPhone. True. It is an important accessory in today's world however they turn out...sometimes to be... "Smarter than us". The best way to get rid of a smart phone is to not buy one. but that is not most people will think. Anyways, the next best way is to keep it out of sight- preferably in another room. But... today's world is not so safe... (how will I contact if i'm in trouble? or... what if an important call comes? ) -are some of the thoughts which pop into our head. But I will still say keep it out of sight. it doesn't matter where. it may be in the same room it doesn't matter. Just put it on 'meeting profile' and mute all notifications. and keep it somewhere out of your sight. like, just on the back of your chair in a bag or somewhere in front covered completely under a blanket or cloth. just do this before you sit for study and I promise you you'll be able to concentrate much better. Sanjula is right about the goals thing as well. Try not to squeeze in too many goals for a day. Just a reasonable amount. Think about it just before starting to study and write your goal down on a sticky note and paste it right in front of you. so that when your concentration breaks and you look up(at the ceiling for a sigh of exhaustion) on the way you see your own note. This gives you a boost that you can do it. since you wrote it yourself after reasoning. i feel foolish writing this down again...i'm just repeating what Sanjula said. (My compliments to Sanjula) **A slight advice though, Do try not to take too many breaks in between. even if you do don't waste it in distractions. Use it to think about the Topics you've learned. Try to recollect them. In the end i would like to add a tip from my side. You decide what you can do and what you can't.No one can stop you.(except God though). I still remember a line by a great leader which is truly inspiring for me - "You create your universe as you move along." - Winston Churchill **You have my best regards**@Sanjula