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What do I do if I want to leave studies and start my own business ?

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 10:43:46 GMT

I am in 10 th standard and I don't think I think studies will help me much now and now I want to step out of the comfort zone and see how the real life is.

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 11:21:55 GMT

Step out of your "comfort zone" ? What do you mean by 'real' life ? How confident are you that Your business will not dissolve and go bankrupt ? How well do you do 'in' you comfort zone ? Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn't mean that you'll leave your studies. It means to face the Challenges thown at you by Life. It means determination towards everything good that you do. 'Real Life' ? You want to know about life ? Let me tell you everything has it's own time. Trust me i know. I also thought the same when i was your age. Why do prodigies like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates exist ? Why can't i be one of them ? They're still the same as me - humans. Yes. They are the same like us but they had Determination.Confidence in themselves. And the most important... they knew how to Create. Now I ask you - Are You totally confident that Nothing can be learnt without stepping out of your comfort zone ? Are you confident that You CAN face the challenges of life ? Are you ready for failures that don't teach you anything ? Are your pillars of success strong enough ?