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Major Changes to our Site

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 17:36:23 GMT

Dear Users, We have been inactive for a while, but as you may have already noticed, the changes are already beginning to roll out. A much needed makeover of the homepage was applied, and it is not even half done yet. Much is going to be done during the winter break, including content reorganization. Content Reorganization was a matter that was heavily pushed 7 weeks ago on the site, so much in fact that some people couldn't even recognize it anymore along with the design change. Unfortunately, that didn't quite fix the problem of the all the clutter that is lying around. In fact, it may even have worsened, therefore it is about time to reorganize all the pages and their subtabs lying around in random places. Our goal is to make the website to the point: When you go the homepage, whether on a mobile device or a computer, you know how to navigate yourself and reach yourself to the places of the site you want to reach in no time at all. Branding is also a major issue. We don't have enough of it, and allthough we're not selling anything except for in the store, some for m of marketing is required for anyone who wants to gain an audience. Our goal is to consistently upload on our YouTube channel from now on, about a or 2 videos a month, and consistent edits and posts. Also, advertising comes into play here too. Utilizing our chances to advertise online is important, just as well as hanging posters of our website around town. Please tell your friends and family about us! Think about it, if everyone did, soon, everyone in this entire world would know about us.... allthough we don't really want an audience at that level, because then we would receive more traffic in terms of Form submissions and user activity than our servers could actually handle. Anyways, thanks for reading down till here, more updates will be sent out, as well as emails to existing users. See you till next time!