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Sun, 29 Nov 2015 10:05:23 GMT

Mon, 14 Dec 2015 16:04:28 GMT

Hanna is a super awesome teacher! She pays attention to the smallest details and gives precise instructions, helping students of every level nail their dream trick/combo and achieve efficiency in mastering the correct technique. Her classes are tough but very fruitful, and you will be surprised at what she can help you achieve through her guidance (and tough love!) She places a huge emphasis on safety as well, so that students can train safe and play hard. She is lovely to watch (as seen on TV!) and will serve as your biggest inspiration to practise consistently and improve yourself. Be prepared to fall in love with pole dancing!

Wingyee Tong
Wed, 16 Dec 2015 14:14:23 GMT

It was watching one of Hanna's early dance videos on youtube that made me want to learn to pole - because I really admired her grace and strength, and the effortless way she executes her tricks. So I thought it was awesome when I found out that I would be taking classes with her! I continued taking lessons with Hanna through the years, and enjoyed every lesson. She meticulously breaks down tricks in a way that her students understand (I've conquered quite a few nemesis tricks with her help), and she always watches out for the safety of her students. Her choreography is also enjoyable to dance to! She continues to inspire me to become stronger and more flexy (: Thank you Hanna!

Thu, 17 Dec 2015 06:37:43 GMT

Hanna was one of my first pole teachers and I’ve always been in awe of her grace, strength and flexibility. I’ve taken both regular and private classes with her over the years, and really benefited from her instructions on dance lines, stretching tips and flexy tricks. She was a major factor for the flexibility I have today. Thanks Hanna and I hope to be able to take your classes again some day!

Fri, 18 Dec 2015 04:33:54 GMT

Hanna has bring pole to a different level. In the past, I always thought pole has to be those "shake your butt" dance, but she combine pole with gracefulness. The first time I saw her dancing, it reminds me for the doll in the music box.( Haha although that is suppose to be a ballet dancer but because they want to spin the doll, there is so called like a pole attached to it. That is how Hanna look like.) Apart from her talent, she is a very good teacher. Thankyou Hanna. Because of you, I m pointing my toes 90% now. 😂. She never let bad habits get away. She has faith in all her student. She is strict in a way but it is all for the student sake and safety. She is also very friendly except for her resting fierce looking face. So Hanna please smile more often. She is too awesome anD too much for me to list...So the rest is for all of u( future students) to discover. How I wish I stay in Jarkata.....

Fri, 18 Dec 2015 14:21:21 GMT

OMG 'Jakarta-reans'!!! U r so lucky!!! Hanna taught pole from such a different perspective that even the most conservative girl would fall in love and appreciate the so many benefits pole brings. Many here have expressed how great her teaching techniques are and so I shall not repeat the OBVIOUS. U really have to try her class to know for yourself why we all miss her so much here. Whether u're already poling, considering poling or never imagined yourself poling, u owe it to yourself to experience this amazing instructor. If I own the studio, I'd actually say to u, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Chang Chivy
Mon, 21 Dec 2015 13:13:14 GMT

.Hanna! Of course I love and enjoy taking her classes. I can feel that I getting stronger and more flexible after her class. She is different others. She is a very good teacher. You will fall in love with her (probably not the first class). Because she pays attention to each of her students. she will give variations /break down the trick into details in order for the student (based on individual 's strength and flexibility) able to get the trick and nail it. She always spot her students to make sure they are safe. I'm stronger and more flexible after hanna's classes. She always remind me to use the correct techniques so that I won't get injured. Her tips is really helpful.

Angie Kong
Wed, 23 Dec 2015 00:58:42 GMT

Blessed are the ones who get to have their lives touched by Hanna and in more ways than one. She was the teacher who advanced me when she saw potential. Much later when I took up her lyrical and contemporary classes, it was she who instilled into us what the dance should look like at best. Her desire to achieve perfection, when manifested in her teachings, can make you improve in leaps and bounds. Expect the most out of your experience. I improved the most when I was being taught by her. It is beyond encouraging, motivating and heartwarming when the teacher you look up to dearly believes in you and tries to bring out the best in your abilities. I came out of my shell and performed for my very first time in years when taught by her. That is what she can do as a pole instructor. I haven't even begun to touch on her flexibility classes yet. But if what you want from flexibility classes are results, here's the place to be. Now there's absolutely something to look forward to if visiting Jakarta. And I wish I can be taught by Hanna again in time ♡.

Grace K
Thu, 14 Jan 2016 01:28:58 GMT

Always looking forward to attending Hanna's class. She is always telling us to have fun with pole and her usual shout out 'pointed toes'. So missing those days. Lucky you if you are able to attend her classes in Indonesia. She is a friendly and attentive teacher and her pole tips for the tricks always work wonders. Would definitely get one or two lessons with her if I ever visit Jakarta ♡.

Fri, 29 Jan 2016 16:35:41 GMT

Hanna is my first pole dance teacher and i mistakenly thought she was a student as she looks very young! When she starts her class by doing warm-up, you will be amazed how serious she is in teaching and preparing her student's body for the class. She looks fierce to me initially as she is very particular that I listen to her instructions carefully (this is to protect me from hurting myself). I still recall how i can do my inverted V easily when she stands beside me (i guess i needed her full attention!) Hahaha. She always wants her student to be better in whatever move they are learning and she wont give up on anyone so dont worry you will be left out in her class. If you have time, view her online dance videos (which i just did) and fall in love with her! Hanna, thank you for helping me and i kept all my dance videos as precious memories and hope one day, i can do it again in your studio!

Mon, 01 Feb 2016 05:52:16 GMT

Hanna is one of the most detailed and observant pole instructors ever. She can watch different people do the same trick and give each of them individual unique corrections based on what they do with their bodies. She also has a 'magical touch' with being able to spot you into difficult tricks even when you are much bigger sized than her!

Wed, 23 Mar 2016 02:20:52 GMT

I started pole dancing in 2012 but stopped after a short while when it got way too tough and made me lose all confidence. Coincidentally, I chanced upon Hanna's winning video at Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2011 when a friend shared it on Facebook - and after watching it, I was totally awed by this very beautiful and graceful dancer. That 4 minutes just watching Hanna dance made me see pole dance in a completely new light. It is not all about difficult tricks, sleaze, tease and dirty dancing. Pole dance is a form of art - just like ballet and other forms of contemporary dance. I decided it is time to give myself another chance at it - and took up Hanna's classes in pole choreography, splits and backbends. I never looked back. I thoroughly enjoyed every single class with Hanna, her well-planned classes are something I look forward to every week. Hanna works really hard on herself, to deliver nothing but the best for her students. She is the most inspirational and professional pole dance instructor I've ever seen. And a truly amazing friend who supports, encourages and nev er gave up on me. Thank you for all the wonderful lessons, Hanna! We miss you in Singapore, come back soon <3

Sun, 25 Sep 2016 17:41:09 GMT

Hanna is an excellent teacher, she is very detailed at explaining how to do certain moves & she was so passionate. Her level of detail in terms of form, alignment, & easier grips made a huge difference in my practice, & allowed me to feel as if I didn't need to work as hard 😉 For sure it is very pleasant to train pole dance & flexibility traning with her. And yes i''m blessed having her as one of my pole dancer teacher🙏🏼✨

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 17:49:43 GMT

Hanna is one of the best teacher in my life...very detailed and she made everything possible with her techinc and tricks!!she's not just amazing as performer but she's awesome teacher! For all the people who love poledance.. i suggest you to try with her.. Because of her.. me and my daughter love poledancing 😊 And i feel blessed she/one of the best pole instructor stay in jakarta

Sun, 10 Jun 2018 16:45:21 GMT

This was my first time joining pole dance class and Hanna was my first teacher. She is a very good teacher when she could give some tips for how to do several tricks easier, she also motivate me a lot and believe that I can do more than I just did. So i keep progressing my tricks and also excited to learn a new one. She is very generous to give some advice And very friendly. Of course, I’ll looking forward to have classes with you again 😆

Tue, 03 Jul 2018 08:01:58 GMT

I have to say, Hanna is hard-to-please teacher but believe me, its for your own good. She settle for nothing but your very best capacity as a student. She always push me to reach somewhere i didn't think i could. but hey, i survived and i loooove it. She is very very VERY detail in explaining things, always try to speak in my newbie language and give me a bit of a push every time i need it. She made me more aware on my body and alignment - more importantly she also teach me how to move beautifully (which believe me, it will give you another perspective on how you see things in your life) Looking forward for another session with you, Hanna!

Tue, 03 Jul 2018 13:17:57 GMT

I've always been interested in learning pole dance so I was super excited when I finally started to learn with Hanna. Although there are some challenges in learning new movements, she always tries to make it easier than it looks, and always ensures our safety too. I always look forward to the next class, despite some bruises I get after class :D

Tue, 04 Sep 2018 13:29:47 GMT

I did both pole and aerial hoop classes with Hanna and had an amazing time! She's an incredibly great teacher and is very patient and detailed when explaining how to do various moves. She also pays a lot of attention to detail and technique. She pushes you hard and does not settle for less than perfect but that has brought incredible results. She's also a very kind, friendly, and caring person and has always been very supportive and also very easy to talk to and get along with! On top of that she always makes you feel comfortable, motivated, and keen to learn more in her classes which I think is very important. I'm looking forward to more classes with her, I always get a lot out of it and leave feeling great and more motivated than before! Aside from that, I lovee Hanna's performances and genuinely believe her videos are one of the most beautiful pole performances I've seen! It's so inspiring to see someone so beautifully show the world how pole does not always h ave to be about stripper heels and strip club dancing (not that there's anything wrong with that!) but can be super elegant, graceful and beautiful!

Sat, 15 Sep 2018 04:03:58 GMT

i was so lucky to have her as my first pole dance teacher. I really recommend you to try one of her classes because it was so worth it. I was a complete beginner and she taught me everything i need to know cleary and patiently. Pole dancing hurts but with her as a teacher i could get through it because of the way 😀she motivates me. After several meetings, I can't believe how much i improved and now i can do tricks that I once thought was impossible for me to do. Btw im 15 years old, so if i can do it you can too! 😁

Fri, 08 Mar 2019 12:07:38 GMT

Been contemplating whether I should do pole or not for 7 years until I met Hanna. She gave me confidence and explain every difficult trick patiently and professionally (I am not the type who always do exercise, but she made everything easy to understand and follow. And more importantly made me fall in love with pole). It's highly enjoyable and encouraging to learn the dance with her. I really afraid I can't find a good teacher who can give me that much love and courage like her in the future since I am leaving the country soon😭 I will missss you loads Hanna. And again, terima kasih for everything!!! 😘

Thu, 30 May 2019 02:20:43 GMT

Living in London, I have been doing various kinds of aerial sports on and off for 7 years, inluding hoops. When I decided to come back home to Jakarta for 4 weeks, I missed it. After searching on net, I came across Hanna’s website which specifies that she teaches hoops. After reviewing some of her videos on instagram, I decided to book a trial for a private session. I am so damn glad that I did. I am sorry Hanna, but Benson took the first impression away from you by being such the welcome cutie pie!!! (j/k) Hanna did not waste any more time to drain me the first time around. After explaining her my background, we jumped straight to forming a small repertoire. She was really patient in explaining and demonstrating every movement beautifully. It was a like an exciting eureka moment for both of us when I finally achieved the desired position. I was also glad (afterwards..) that she kept telling me off and pushed me hard to do what I thought I couldn’t do. We got me a (somewhat almost) beautiful choreography nailed at the end of the session, I was so proud of myself that I c ould not wait to work with her again for my remaining weeks in Jakarta. Hanna is certainly an inspiring individual with such envying back curve, I really look forward to working with her again on my next visit to Jakarta. Thank you Hanna! Thank you Benson!