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.nitro file available for "Building Apps with HCL Leap" video

Wed, 28 Aug 2019 16:28:45 GMT

Is the .nitro file of the application built in the "Building Apps with HCL Leap" video ( http://leap.hcldoc.com/help/topic/LEAPv9/LEAP/tut_video_overview.html) available for download somewhere?

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 14:29:05 GMT

Hi Derek - This app on the sandbox is the one that the video was modeled after. If you go to the "how it works " section you will see a download link. http://leapsandbox.hclpnp.com/forms/secure/org/app/c476bc10-dea7-4fe6-8420-d15acd057a5e/launch/index.html?form=F_Quotes1

Thu, 12 Sep 2019 14:16:26 GMT

Thank you.