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Update to and Leap_config.properties

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 12:52:08 GMT

Hi, Can we directly update from 8.6.4 to Documentation mentions Leap_config.properties, which shall be copied from deploy. Version 9.2 is installed as ear only, the formerly used Installation Manager created a deploy folder, but not the ear deployment. I searched the file on the complete disc without success. How can we get this properties file (I'm not sure if I can copy the one from IBM Forms, because paths have changed, properties too? Which values are changed from IBM Forms? Is the name Leap_config.properties case sensitive (Linux/Windows)? BTW this editor replaces _ with nothing and starts writing italic, how can I use underscore? Regards Christoph

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 14:38:59 GMT

Hi - You can update from 8.6.4 to Leap_config.properties is a new name we gave Builder_config.properties. Your existing Builder_config.properties file will continue to work with its existing settings. The file sits on the server in the path ibm/forms/extensions. New features have been introduced which have corresponding entries in this file...but it is not critical that you set them right away. Updating the ear file is done through the WebSphere console (browser). You will need to logon as the WebSphere admin and then find the FEB app and update it. It's listed under apps/websphere enterprise apps. Select 'replace entire app'. You'll need to give it the ear file at this point which loads to the server. Update via the Fast Pass option. When updating make sure you select your db and mail providers that FEB currently work with as well as the correct context root. FEB uses /forms as the context root so make sure you set the root to this vs the new defaults which is /apps. [UpdateLeap](//muut.com/u/hclleapforum/s3/:hclleapforum:4799:updateleap.png.jpg)

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 14:49:50 GMT

Thanks Marty, all other steps are clear and when the old file is used as a fall back, that's perfectly fine. Thanks!