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Amazing New OBE!

Wed, 05 Apr 2017 18:34:21 GMT

Omg!! I had a new insight last night. So, i have these OBEs with my other self and we have been on a mission to recover my lost soul parts. So last night i was to take the lead on this recovery. It was my first. We went to what looked like a rice farm and it appears i was a slave working the fields feeling sorry for myself.🤔 I grabbed what looked like me shaped like a turquoise ring and began leaving, was discovered by some dogs that tried to stop me, so i levitated up and flew out. Here's the new insight... i saw myself leap out of the dimension like a ninga!!! And i saw the in between dimensions it looked like i leaped out of a movie screen and ningaed leg first into the next dimension it was so cool!!! So now, I am tasked with the job of bringing the sould part up to speed with the fractal program. This me thinks am a god and came to save her! Giving me a name and trying to worship me LOL! Sounds familiar! But I know to be patient with me as me was patient with me! WOW! I AM, I AM, IAM IAM, I AM is all there is!