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Holding the UK in today's activation June 17

Sat, 17 Jun 2017 06:54:06 GMT

I live in the UK and the country has recently been going through major trauma following either terrorist attacks or disasters ending up in real tragedies. Added to that the political climate and elections haven't helped in lifting the gloom and sadness the majority of people have been feeling. I was wondering if it was possible to hold the Uk today in the activation and in the unified field to bring the light and the love forth to the country and its people despite the recent national events. I shall be joining and supporting in today's activation as part of the skillsets graduates. Many blessings of Love and Light, Miriam

Sat, 17 Jun 2017 14:33:48 GMT

There was alot of attention to the Manchester attack rec ently. 23 died. In South Africa 50 people are murdered every single day. Check out the brutal farm murders. These political things happen where you cannot change anything. It is necessary to go to the vortex or the Still Point or unified field. There we can effect change. Anyway there is trauma going on all the time, what John Pilger !journalist) calls "slow! news. Animals that suffer each day in cages on fur farms??

♢♡ xj.
Sat, 17 Jun 2017 14:42:12 GMT

Pay attention but observe with detachment what goes on around you. Be centered stilling the lower emotions. Be wary and look carefully about you. Turning your focus away from the horror and towards the Beauty, Love and the Miracles that surround you in every moment of your life on Earth. High Council of Sirius.