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Holy Communion

♢♡ janet
Sat, 03 Aug 2019 16:46:02 GMT

I listened to this over and over on repeat. When I awoke at 5am, I realized why my roommate is getting more and more violent in nature. We all want valadation from others. We need, for the most part, to have it our way. I then realized all those times when I needed outside validation from another and how it must of felt. I called all misqualified thoughts back. I apologized to myself for not realizing it came from within. It felt real good to recognize this and hopefully I will be able to go deeper within and recognize parts of me that still need self-love. Valadatiing my self worth is worth it. I just wish it doesn't have to reflect such violence. This scene is getting real old real quick. All my love, xj.