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I no longer give my power over to external influences.

♢♡ janet
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 03:26:41 GMT

It was like this desire, this love for another that my heart was so attached to, that I didn't want to let it go. It felt good. To love this deeply. Quiet frankly, I enjoyed the feeling of loving them this much, regardless. But it was getting out of hand. Additive. It resonated, yet painfully. We're no longer together. The memory is slowly fading. The pain of losing this feeling, makes me cry deeply. I can't shake this feeling. I need my study guide. By the third page, affirmation above, it disisapated. I started to feel relief, and not so leaky. Normal harmoniously. I realized an epiphany. This is pseudo love. An ego game. What I "loved" is how it made me feel. Emotionally and mentally. I got to realize why it kept coming back into my cellular matrix to be viewed. Attached. All I can say is, thank you god for gifting us T. Kumara for she is truly giving us the tools to become more loving, more compassionate, and without stipulations of expecting returns. For god is all encompassing. And we all get to be a part of this. We're so blessed. I thank The Divine Essence for t his opportunity to experience such sadness. I want to be an example to others. That we can change the world's suffering, one person at a time. xj.