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I should explain something here.....

Thu, 11 Apr 2019 02:52:38 GMT

I just didn't wish to take so much time on the Live Call....going into Tiara's Activation, OPENING THAT DOOR AND BEING CONSUMED BY THAT LIGHT...."OMG! THIS IS ME! THIS IS THE REAL ME!" The limiting self-identity and the ego-driven personality, yes, we've all had to deal with that at times, but after last month's Rite....I just now KNOW that neither of those are really Me and do not Identify with them as such. It's just so CLEAR to Me now . AND!...what the Affirmation: I AM already SELF-realized. I AM already Liberated and I AM already Free! is speaking of......and I can SEE IT in others now too, whether I say anything at all or not.......I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! so.....Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, Tiara, Gary, the I AM Avatar team and ALL GATHERED HERE! Thank You. Sincerely, Christopher........Oh, and (definitely chuckling) "And we're just at the beginning (so to speak) of this Experience."....Oh, My!, eh?

♢♡ janet
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 18:15:37 GMT

take all the time you need, brother. being excited is all apart of the program. all my best, brother, and yes, I feel the same.... were5just beginning.... xj.