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Rite of Holy Communion

♢♡ janet
Mon, 22 Jul 2019 02:59:56 GMT

Going back over some rites. I'm a bit more coherent. How do I change my environment, if I'm the one making it? Is it my Higher Self? Or is it me? Wouldn't that be egotistical? Holy Communion awakened an epiphany in me. What am I self-validating? What's my self-worth? How much am I willing to "put up with" until enough is enough? How does this really work? When I'm disappointed ONCE again at what I'm seeing in my environment, I noticed myself catching myself resonating, "I'd prefer this instead." Validating my self-worth. Respecting myself with whatever arose. Same ol same ol. Well, my environment maybe reflecting it once AGAIN.... but no thank you. No more nagging, begging, putting up with, I respect myself enough to resonate my preferred resonance, now instead. Out of self-respect. Let's see what happens! Changing my heart beat thought wise whatever disapointment ever arises, move into a different octave. Today may of seemed disappointing, but even the unruly s oftened before the light. Divine Presence what a difference it made in my heart today. In Gratitude, amen ◇♡