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♢♡ janet
Thu, 18 Jul 2019 03:58:25 GMT

This month, July 2019 I finally felt my life condition start to reflect the desired results I wanted/needed. Afirmations seems to recognize recognition in my heart more so than any other time. I woke less sad and not much pain in my body. Processing this and that seemed to a slow hault. I started to replay the tapes while I slept. My intention was to dive deep into my unconscious subconscious, since I'm pretty tired of my life and how incoherent I seem to become. Heck, I'm a bit amazed at how articulate T. Kumara is and quite frankly, can't hold a candle next to any conversation. I'm more emotional and at first loved the mere fact that I could feel anything for the very first time. I was having a ball at loving life, (How short lived that was) Needless to say, my intellect well out the window. Kaput. So I relied on my emotions to guide me. My heart as my compass, I've finally stabilized my ride by turning inward. Triggered me. I felt into "it" .... love you. I'm sorry I put 'them before you, I'd tell my heart.. Instead of compassion for another for the feed backloop, i turned inward, slowed my emotion and allowed it to be whatever arose. Honored every thought, word, deed, however, selfish I became, (didn't like it) I had to realize stooping to lower myself was no longer an option. Shorten this up a bit. All I remember is a sadness about me. No affirmations were gonna help, no I'm sorrys, no words. I just embraced my heart loved it. Knowing somehow, it was me surrendering into loving my heart instead of expecting my heart to love me. I got the biggest most unexpected blast of profound love bursting out from my heart chamber, I felt glissened. It overflowed in a burst like twinkles. It encompassed my heart and intertwined around my backside. I just stood there smiling. In recognition. Boy, I sure do wish I spoke this light language. Loved to of had that dialogue. But it was just the most profound purest love to date. And that in and of itself was just alright by me. God bless the breakthroughs All my best for now, xj.