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♢♡ xj.
Mon, 24 Apr 2017 04:02:50 GMT

Wow, Tiara, and guys I can't even describe the joy I've felt over the week end. Tears of joy. I'm listening to the podcasts, finally, for the first time. I'm actually feeling the synergistic unlocking of the seals. AS I am activating, Tiara, ...holy smokes, hands down, your the best on the planet. Thank you so much. What I liked most, when I was somewhere in the mist of ordered chaos, up on the roof, parked for the night; I am aware. Then I seen me dreaming. AS I go up, I see the process. Wow oh, wow where we go when we sleep. Hahaha Beaming! Literally and figuratively. *IFeelTheInvestment. IPutInMyself ToGetToKnowMe MyselfASI*