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Forest Plan Revision

Dennis Murphy
Tue, 31 Mar 2020 19:13:52 GMT

>During last month’s meeting, there was some discussion about PFC’s involvement with revision of the Payette’s Forest Plan. Mention was made of efforts to amend the Fremont-Winema Forest Plan using a Categorical Exclusion. Here is some follow-up information about that from Ron Hamilton. I contacted Irene Jerome of AFRC to get some feedback since that is where I learned of the Forest Plan Amendments being done with Cat. Ex to deal with the Eastside screens for over 20 inch dbh white fir or grand fir. [Here is the scoping or public notice letter dealing with the issue]( It has contact information and other information that might help with tracking down the issue I raised to the PFC and FS. Also Irene reflected that R-4 seems reluctant to do ANY Forest Plan Amendments but R-6 are doing them consistently to deal with the item like the screens. The reason for the screens problem is the amount of white fir left negates any accomplishment of moving to seral species and the fact that white fir and grand fir are prolific seeders and the ecosystem is accelerating to climax rather than retaining the species that tolerate fire and retard or reduce fire spread. She also indicated that there was a newer authority that was allowing the Forest Plan amendments. I have heard similar grumbles from some of the local long time operators that the grand fir leaves and the untouched patches did not seem to make much sense from a treatment standpoint. I am really ready to rethink some elements of the Wildlife Conservation Strategy.

Thu, 09 Apr 2020 01:53:40 GMT

I read the scoping letter and am wondering if a less verbose version of the problem the FS is dealing with in regard to Grand and White Fir could actually be stated? Why can't we just say: "the grand fir and white fir are really junk trees, take too much water, and drain the soil of nutrients so much so that larch and other species we would rather have are crowded out? And, what is the "screens problem" about? Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.