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Little Red Goose Self-Guided Field Tour

Dennis Murphy
Wed, 27 May 2020 19:31:20 GMT

Hi everyone, [Here is a packet for conducting self-guided tours]( of two areas within the Little Red Goose Forest Resilience Project area: Rusty Goose and Duck Duck Goose. The packet includes three things: 1. An overview of the tour, plus descriptions and directions to the stops – 2 pages 2. A driving tour map (see first bullet below though) – 1 page 3. The silviculture prescriptions/marking guidelines for each treatment (e.g. free thin, patch cut, shelterwood, and aspen) – 3 pages _A couple quick things:_ · I also included a simplified Little Red Goose Project Map with the intent to help provide the bigger picture of where the self-guided tour takes place by showing the entire project area, the four sale areas, points of reference and vicinity. The map included in the packet itself is pretty zoomed-in to show the individual units and the identified stops, and while it has FS road numbers for reference, you might need both to navigate. Caveat – the harvest unit s between the two maps are not quite the same. The map in the packet is the accurate version – we just didn’t have time to update/recreate the Project Map before the desired May 28th deadline. · There are seven total stops identified (three up Last Chance Road and four up Wallace Lane). We can add in more areas as we continue implementation. · I know there is an interest in also looking at Thorny Goose, but due to time constraints and also being in the thick of marking that sale, we focused on Rusty and Duck Duck Goose for this version. · I’m hoping you all can help provide feedback on how this packet worked. My intent is to keep refining for use by any member of the public, so you are helping me by essentially test-driving this idea. If something is confusing, something worked well, or you have an idea on how to improve, please let me know. Any and all feedback is welcome.