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Note from Emmett District Ranger Katherine Woods

Fri, 08 May 2020 23:47:47 GMT

Dear BFC Members, Thanks again for the great discussion yesterday and your continued involvement with the Sage Hen Integrated Restoration project. In closing the loop as it pertains to a possible extension of the scoping and comment period, after looking into it further per our regulations we cannot extend it. The closing date of the scoping and comment period is still May 14th; however, we will continue to have ongoing conversations with the BFC and other stakeholders as the project is developed. This could result in modifications to some aspects of the proposed action based on comments received during these conversations. Additionally, as we have mentioned in our BFC meetings on Sage Hen, we have structured this project using a condition-based management approach where there will be further opportunities to engage and provide feedback. Regarding the temporary roads, we are in the process of refining our analysis to further evaluate areas where temporary roads may not be viable. Thanks again and have a great weekend!