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NEPA Road Map Discussion

Dennis Murphy
Tue, 19 Apr 2022 00:55:29 GMT

The April meeting includes a discussion of the NEPA Road Map. Here is a document for review that summarizes [the Spectrum of Public Participation]( *Interactive Map - ArcGIS Online - NEPA Road Map* Here is a link to the [updated AGOL Payette National Forest - NEPA Road Map]( For external partners, this product can also be accessed using the following info: Username: R4_PFC_partner Password: PFCWWWRRpaf0412 This does not work with Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox work, Edge may work as well. The map has been updated to the newest AGOL version so you are able to toggle on and off different layers. T here is an icon that looks like a stack of papers which appears at top right under the menu bar. Click on it to see (and choose) which layers you want to toggle on and off. The new Southwest Idaho Landscape boundary has been added to the maps if you want to see how NEPA projects align with that.

Dennis Murphy
Tue, 19 Apr 2022 04:09:37 GMT

*NEPA Road Map User Name Correction* Username: R4__PFC__partner Password: PFCWWWRRpaf0412