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what's biting me???

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 01:40:02 GMT

I get these bites on the back of my forearms about every few weeks almost no matter where I am. I find them when I wake up in the morning and they don't hurt or itch. Always there are two puncture marks about a third of an inch apart with an area of edema(black and blue) around them, usually about a half inch in diameter. Today I woke up very early with one and the edema area was huge, about a square inch in total, but elongated and it was swollen--ie elevated. I went back to bed and it was not swollen a few hours later. Usually the marks fade in about a week to ten days. I always thought they were spider bites, but the internet tells me spiders don't bite. I don't believe it, still. I have found these lesions on my forearms in AZ, in NH, in NM, and HI. I forget if I got any in Europe, but I probably did. Any ideas?