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Lice Clinics of America

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 19:50:03 GMT

Good afternoon. I am a school nurse in Delaware. In another school, the owner of a Lice Clinic of America is a parent. She is promoting her product and generally causing concern about an infestation of lice at the K-5 grades school. I will be assisting the school nurse from there in a presentation about evidence-based research on head lice. Can you please direct me to research about the use of head lice clinics, their 3-step process which includes a 30-minute AirAllé® treatment, a 30-60-minute comb-out to remove the dead lice and eggs and an oil application, and whether there are any studies comparing standard OTC treatments versus Lice Clinic of America's treatment regime (other than cost comparison)? Thank you for your assistance! Sincerely, Denise, RN