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Black Realities Grant (DL: 08/31)

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 14:11:42 GMT

https://www.kaleidoscope.fund/grant/black-realities-grant FOR BLACK ARTISTS - The Black Realities Grant is a response to the ongoing state violence and murder of Black people. The Grant awards a monthly cash prize to media projects that explore the varied conditions, experiences, feelings, and range of humanity of the Black global community. All formats, genres, and categories of screen-based projects will be considered including films, TV, games, apps, VR/AR experiences, photojournalism, and more. There are only two hard requirements: first, the lead creator must be Black, and second, the perspective of Black folx and the centering of Black thoughts and characters must be the core of the project. We encourage submissions that highlight the vast and multilayered range of subjects, perspectives and content within Black realities, which also includes and welcomes the exploration of the current and ongoing anti-Black political and social climate. NOTE: Kaleidoscope Grants are community funded and require an Ally Membership or above to submit projects, however, in this challenging moment, artists may email hello@kaleidoscope.fund with a request for free membership.