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Knight/Microsoft Call-for-Ideas Immersive Technology in the Arts (DL: 8/13)

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 03:12:13 GMT

https://www.knightfoundation.org/challenges/knight-microsoft-call-ideas-immersive-tech-arts Now through August 12, Knight Foundation is seeking ideas that demonstrate innovative approaches to this question: IN WHAT NEW WAYS MIGHT ARTS INSTITUTIONS ENGAGE AUDIENCES THROUGH IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES? The call offers recipients a share of $750,000 in funding, as well as optional technical support from Microsoft, including mixed-reality mentorship and technology access and training. WHO SHOULD APPLY? Knight seeks ideas from arts institutions — as well as technologists, companies and artists partnering with arts institutions — that demonstrate the ability of immersive technologies, such as virtual and mixed reality, to strengthen audience engagement. ABOUT THE CALL Immersive technology — the hardware and software powering mixed reality, virtual reality and augmented reality — has opened new opportunities to create meaningful arts experiences. From digital overlays of the physical space, to VR interpretations of surreal landscapes, to artistic interpretations of climate cha nge, to digital recreations of fragile Cuban sculpture, artists, museums and other arts institutions are experimenting with emerging technologies to extend their missions into the digital space and create new experiences for their visitors. Knight Foundation is seeking ideas to advance the public presentation of immersive experiences. Today, museums, performing arts organizations, and other presenting institutions could be the first place where many people will experience virtual and mixed reality. Immersive technology offers new and exciting opportunities for institutions to reimagine what it means to be a destination for their audiences and transform traditional arts experiences. We hope to find ideas that show the power of these mediums to impact audience engagement and demonstrate new service models, infrastructure, or formats for presenting experiences with immersive technologies. This call for ideas will award a share of up to $750,000 and mixed-reality mentorship and technology support from Microsoft to a range of projects. We are seeking projects that might impact one of the following areas and beyond: Engaging New Audiences: How might cultural institutions use immersive experiences to better welcome and engage new and diverse audiences? Building New Service Models: How can we design pleasant and efficient audience experiences that avoid clunky interactions with technology? Expanding Beyond Walls: In what new ways can arts institutions achieve their mission and goals through the use of immersive tech to reach people beyond their physical space? Distribution to Multiple Institutions: How can immersive experiences become more portable and be presented easily at multiple institutions? SCHEDULE Submissions are being accepted from July 27 – 9:00 a.m. ET to 11:59 p.m. ET August 12, 2019. Winners will be announced in late fall 2019.