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Game Designer at Technodramatists

Mon, 13 Jul 2020 17:04:00 GMT

Technodramatists is looking for a Game Designer to work on our new interactive live stream experience, Mystic AR Cabaret. The role involves overseeing the show’s gamification strategy, designing the puzzle and mystery elements and working with the creative and technology teams to integrate the gameplay into the narrative experience. The show is set at a multi-dimensional cabaret, featuring a dazzling array of zany and sensual performances of song, dance and acrobatics, all augmented by 3d effects, objects and characters in realtime. However, some of the show’s performers are actually Evil Interlopers intent on destroying the cabaret who use the AR effects to both reveal and conceal their identities. Throughout the show, each viewer has the power to turn these effects on and off and must search Reality and Augmented Reality for clues. At the end of each night the audience votes to determine who the real performers are and who will be banished to the Abyss. Please contact Lorne Svarc, Artistic Director, at lorne@technodramatists.com