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Senior Interaction Designer at ESI Design

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 22:21:59 GMT

https://esidesign.com/jobs/senior-interaction-designer-bu92ymCq0r6A_OcR_n82lY/ ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. As an interdisciplinary team of problem solvers, designers, and doers we work at the intersection of physical, digital and social design. Whether we are inspiring customer-centric innovation for international corporations or inventing new ways to activate public institutions, our mission is the same — to inspire conversation, collaboration, and action. We are seeking a seasoned designer who understands how people engage with dynamic digital media in public and semi-public spaces, and how to tell stories about places and communities. We create solutions that are permanent, yet flexible with designs that grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of both our clients and their audiences. We believe that contemporary digital media has moved beyond the constrains of traditional display formats and that it is a flexible medium that should be seamlessly integrated into architecture as part of the overall spatial experience. We are l ooking for people who can design creative new ways to use technology, and imagine the next generation of digital storytelling. As part of a cross-disciplinary team, the designer will be responsible for developing, documenting and communicating ideas for interactive, immersive experiences that weave physical space, digital tools, and social programs into engaging activities. Experience in designing and integrating technology into the built environment is essential as our solution requires a holistic approach to conjoin digital, networked, and physical computing systems. Responsibilities: Establish conceptual frameworks with a focus on digital media design in site-specific physical and social environments Close collaboration with interdisciplinary design team as a proactive member throughout all design and production phases Communicate design concepts to colleagues, leadership, clients and external partners Documentation of software & media designs through sketches, diagrams, written text, scenario/storyboard development, rule sets/logic flows, wireframes, video, and any other means for communicating design intent and details Qualifications: Experience with designing digital media for physical spaces – familiarity with dynamic data, custom display formats and software-driven generative visual design is a plus Familiarity with the capabilities and uses of dynamic media software environments (Touch Designer, Cinder or Open Frameworks) Understanding of physical and digital production constraints Knowledge of current trends in digital design for physical environments Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a creative team Ability to effectively communicate design ideas to both internal team and external partners Self-motivated, with an ability to prioritize tasks and efficiently manage multiple assignments without close supervision Strong design documentation skills Careful attention to detail Ability to thrive in a fast-paced creative environment Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and other major software applications 5+ years of experience in the field. The job is based in New York City, with occasional travel required.