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Packet view item order

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 00:14:14 GMT

When I add high level protocol data into the packet view I noticed the item order sometimes changes. Example: I add a lot of details describing a protocol message using the following code 1. ScanaStudio.packet_view_add_packet( true, .... ) 2. ScanaStudio.packet_view_add_packet( false, .... ) 3. ScanaStudio.packet_view_add_packet( false, .... ) 4. ScanaStudio.packet_view_add_packet( false, ....) After decoding the rows 2 - 4 are displayed in the order they has been added to the packet view, as expected. However when I double click an item on the top of my signal, the packet view is synchronized with the signal view but the detail items are displayed in the reverse order, which is unusable for me.