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I2C decoder broken?

Wed, 02 Mar 2022 10:10:06 GMT

After initialization fails to decode any data [I2cdecode](//muut.com/u/ikalogic/s3/:ikalogic:hXhP:i2cdecode.png.jpg)

Ibrahim KAMAL
Wed, 02 Mar 2022 10:15:53 GMT

Hi, We have received your report with the ScanaStudio workspace, we'll look at this right away. Thank you,

Ibrahim KAMAL
Wed, 02 Mar 2022 11:17:39 GMT

To keep you updated, we have identified the issue, and we're working on it.

Ibrahim KAMAL
Thu, 03 Mar 2022 10:44:19 GMT

Hi, can you please verify if the problem is fixed now on your end?