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Odd UI scaling problem in Windows 10

Fri, 02 Sep 2022 21:06:33 GMT

Hi, new user of SQ200 here; bought the hardware, installed ScanaStudio on a Dell laptop with a 4k monitor, Windows 10 Pro, 32gb RAM, etc - decent spec, but when I open the ScanaStudio app, I get a weird screen drawing issue. For example, if I select "Edit Trigger", a small blue box appears with some available triggers and I can see a window flashing visible and invisible as I move the mouse where the settings can be configured but whenever I stop moving the mouse, the box disappears and I can't make any changes to the settings, or set the new trigger condition. It's hard to explain, but I've attached a screenshot. I'm trying to troubleshoot some i2c issues, so not being able to use ScanaStudio is a bit of a problem! Has anyone else experienced similar UI rendering issues on high DPS screens? Cheers, Paul. [ScanaStudio_Screenshot](//muut.com/u/ikalogic/s3/:ikalogic:rsCB:scanastudio_screenshot.png.jpg)

Ibrahim KAMAL
Mon, 07 Nov 2022 19:44:42 GMT

Hello Paul, We're actively working on it, we hope to have this resolved in a few days.