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USB capture recomendations

Sat, 02 Apr 2022 16:56:51 GMT

Hi I submitted a form but have not go a reply back so asking here. I have an older scanalogic plus I have been using for a few years. It has been easy to use and reliable. The only issue is the probes become loose can easily come of the cables. Recently I have wanted to decode USB 1.1 Low and Full speed. I have had mixed results, sometimes getting a good data set and sometimes garbage. Will the SQ200 with its higher input impeadance and 200MHz will it reliably capture and decode USB 1.1 Low and Full speed ? The SQ200 looks to be limited in its memory and the capture length to 4 seconds which I could see as an issue trying to capture USB. With the scanaplus (2 Channels) I can select from 100M samples giving 1 second capture to 1T samples giving 10000 seconds. The Scanplus seems supurior to the SQ series in this regard ? So looking at the SQ209/ SP209i will I get reliable and consistend decoding of USB Low and Full speed ? The SP209 has 2GB interall memory and can live stream to the PC so is there any limit on the capture time for USB Full Speed ? Many thanks and regards Oh and by the way I tried a friends Saleae Logic Pro 8. It could capture the SUB signal reliablly , low and full speed but the USB decoder kept causing the software and analyer to freeze causing us to plus the analyser into a different USB port. We could also find no way of overlaying the USB deoced data on the capture data. So verall I much preffere the ScanStudio solution. The only plus on the Saleae side was the USB decoder was several orders of magnitude faster than ScanaStudios.