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Informix SmartTrigger (ST) - commitTime / transactionID

Thu, 06 Sep 2018 13:57:08 GMT

When I define ST without these attributes/options - IFX collects data correctly. But when I define it/them - IFX does not collect any data, even if the contents of the table are changed (verified). We tested values for them from previously generated outputs - so their value have to be correct. By the content of JDBC doc, If I understand it correctly - IFX should be able to collect changes over the table from the time even sooner as the creation of ST ( at IFX logical LOG interval ) - is it really so? Does anyone have a functional Java example for using these attributes? Thanks

Brian Hughes
Wed, 17 Oct 2018 15:25:16 GMT

Hi, For smart triggers, there is a very limited use case for commitTime/transactionID. this is because you cannot ask for anything in the past, and the original belief was this could be used for reconnecting to crash recovery conditions, but even in that case, we can't guarantee the transactions would be read into the queues. After some discussions with the server team (who originally created/proposed these features) we will probably just deprecate and remove these as they are confusing and really of limited value after all. Sorry for the confusion on this. Some growing pains here as we flush out what we can and cannot achieve with the Smart Trigger technology.