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Here to meet the final 5

Mon, 08 Apr 2019 23:00:16 GMT

Hey guys! I've been binging episodes over the last month or two. I started at the most recent, then went to the oldest episodes, then went back to recent, then back to older episodes. I'm currently listening and waiting to hear the moment when Jesse discovers that Trump is the president. Is the final 5 still in here? I noticed there hasn't been a post in a while! I'm in Canada (about an hour from Toronto) and lost my mum to stage 4 lung cancer 2 years ago. The podcast has allowed me to start processing all of the emotions I've been fiercely suppressing for 2 years, And I'm looking forward to catching up with other listeners! I assume that most of you are kinda weirdos, so I automatically feel right at home :) -Lisa