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Tour stop gig in Las Vegas?

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 17:22:52 GMT

Possible gig in Las Vegas? Every Friday night there is a free late-night standup show in a big casino on the far south end of the Strip. I saw this show last month as a tourist passing though town, and was impressed by the size and energy of the audience, not to mention the higher-than-expected talent list. Gig is "The Dirty at 12:30" labeled as a show with few limits on content. Encourages edgy humor. Four performers plus the permanent MC/host. On my night the 4 were: a) 15 minutes by a newby female standup doing personal obsevational comedy about her govt. job and grad school politics. Pleasant enough, but didn't really click with the crowd. b) 15 minutes by a local female comic doing material about her past/present romantic troubles. High energy, good response. c) Touring headliner Rich Voss doing chunks from his deep repertoire of relationship material, plus lots of crowdwork (this gig plucks touring headliners from other bigger gigs in town because it is a "free show" and not seen as real competition to the big Strip Casino sh owrooms) d) Closer was PJ Walsh doing his military stuff. e) Host/MC opened with 10 minutes to raise the energy and sell some drinks, then just a 1 minute intros for each performer. Setting is typical large casino "open stage" in a flexi bar/stage corner of the gaming floor, 20x20 stage with music gear pushed aside for standup mic. 18' ceiling and 3' raised stage? Seating for 250(?), no tickets, open first-come seating, servers circulate to take and fill drink orders. Audience was mostly local couples on dates and groups of friends, plus local service workers catching a free show after work. Appeared to be many regulars in the audience. Don't know how it is booked, but assume it is pre-booked weeks in advance by the MC/Host Gabe Lopez. Pay unknown - maybe at least some gas money? Vegas has a wide variety of show quality and style, but I know I enjoyed this one from the perspective of an audience member.