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PhD in Korea (GIS / Urban Planning)

Wed, 01 Jul 2015 10:39:19 GMT

Hi there, I am a student of Geoinformation Science in Berlin, Germany. When I stayed the first time in Korea in 2012/13 I met Nikola and therefore came in contact with Kojects. I like your page and your posts on facebook, which I more or less regularly try to read. Now I just saw your list of the universities offering study programs in Urban Planning and related fields. As my wife is Korean I am considering the option to make my PhD in Korea and therefore would like to hear any insights you guys might have for studying in Korea, most importantly to me in the field of GIS. Any university you consider as best suited to GIS graduates like me (Urban Planning courses would also be fine, but I only took a few basic classes in this field)? Would you say it is a better choice to make a PhD here in Europe rather than in Korea? How are the job opportunities in Korea for this field and would employers rather take a person graduated in Europe than a person graduated in Korea? Any other hints you can give me would be great. Cheers Joseph

Thu, 02 Jul 2015 09:37:17 GMT

Hey Joseph! It's been already 3y since we met :O Your question about GIS recalls a spatial science major at Yonsei that is missing in the list. I'll add that later. Many programs that we listed have a course overview. Probably there you'll find some GIS courses. At my department it was possible to specialize in GIS (as cartography) and do their lots of research with GIS. But I don't know which university suits you the best. In general, a PhD from a renowned university outside of Korea is clearly an advantage. However, it's more important in what kind of field you want to work. Become a professor/academic or industry or somewhere else? You should be clear about your goals. I believe that Korean universities prefer a foreign professor who received his whole education outside of Korea. On the other side, doing a PhD here can help regarding networking and then getting a job in a company. That'a just what I think, I can be wrong! It's difficult to predict job opportuni ties for te next 5y but now it is very competitive and not wasy to get a job in that field, even for Koreans with a PhD in related fields. I hope that it was helpful. Nikola

Fri, 28 Aug 2015 08:13:35 GMT

Sorry for late response. I was little bit busy with my wedding and final tests at university. Thanks for your answer Nikola. My wife and me are just thinking of moving for a few years to Korea. She would easily get a job. But for me it might be difficult. As I see it, a PhD position is easier to get than a job in that field in Korea. I am also not 100% sure if I want to go into research or into industry. After working almost 2 years at an institute here in Berlin I changed my mind towards industry right now. On the other hand, each institute is different and you can be lucky to be part of an interesting research project... I will see. First I am going to finish my Master next year and then I can think about it more. Perhaps we gonna see each other again Nikola.