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Updated Train Arrival Interface?

Philip Partington
Sat, 24 Oct 2015 01:04:30 GMT

Spotted this on the platform earlier, in the Korail section of line four. Before these photos was the Android booting screen, and this interface shows standard Android buttons. After this a work-one-progress message stayed on screen. Perhaps they're changing the system over from Windows? [Image](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:qVfq:image.jpeg.jpg) [Image-1](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:4eCz:file_1image.jpeg.jpg)

Sat, 24 Oct 2015 05:32:53 GMT

Oh wow! As an Android fan I like this. I tried to find some official information/news but it seems almost impossible with the search terms "Seoul subway android" (or in Korean 서울시 지하철 안드로이드) to find anything of relevance. I'll try to do more research and keep my eyes open^^

Philip Partington
Sat, 23 Jan 2016 04:30:38 GMT

This isn't for trains, rather busses, but it is an update to the digital signage. I saw this out the window passing 숙대입구역 earlier in the month and specifically changed my route last weekend to get some photos :p The new sign looks very similar, but now has [green and blue bus icons](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:LxnZ:img_4203.jpg.jpg) for extra clarity. There are other special icons as well, such as for [airport limousines](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:BAdG:img_4202.jpg.jpg) and (presumably) red busses. I wonder if M busses have a special icon too? Alas, none stop at this location. The most notable change is the animation that plays on a [streamlined arrival screen](https://youtu.be/1MJq8aAuDwE). The icon for owl busses can also be seen here, as well as information for the subway. Arrivals are announced in Korean as well as in English. I haven't seen these improvements rolled out elsewhere in the city. Curious if anyone else may have seen!

Philip Partington
Sat, 23 Jan 2016 05:07:00 GMT

I tried to find some information on this but came up fairly short. I found just two photos, both of which came from Instagram. One is the same bus stop, while the other is a different stop but in the same neighbourhood.

Thu, 28 Jan 2016 03:11:33 GMT

Oh interesting to see those upgrades. Thanks for the images and video :)