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Ui LRT Line Opens (우이신설 경전철 개통)

Philip Partington
Sat, 02 Sep 2017 14:13:08 GMT

A new line opened in Seoul today, connecting lines one and two to Bukhansan. I believe that with the EverLine and U Line being in Gyeonggido (Yongin and Uijeongbu), this is the first light line in Seoul proper. Correct me if I'm wrong! The line is driverless, entirely underground, and has stations and platforms that look like most Seoul lines, but miniaturized, as the trains are just two cars long, with two doors on each. The three southernmost stations are transfer stations and no new exits to the outside were added. All the other stations appear to have two exits each. It's possible to watch out the front window, and there are many crossover tracks. Coupled with the increased number of trains during rush hour and digital signage which refers to "common" trains (I didn't notice the Korean), I believe express trains may be planned. Someone else may have details on this. I'll try to attach photos on a separate post!

Philip Partington
Sat, 02 Sep 2017 14:41:10 GMT

[20170902_191124](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:AUuf:20170902_191124.jpg.jpg) [20170902_191218](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:SB5V:20170902_191218.jpg.jpg) [20170902_194432](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:kMcr:20170902_194432.jpg.jpg) [IMG_20170902_190527_121](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:4EIo:img_20170902_190527_121.jpg.jpg) [일반열차](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:qNCn:20170902_191240.jpg.jpg) [IMG_20170902_191505](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:ibsk:img_20170902_191505.jpg.jpg) [20170902_191324](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:o2wx:20170902_191324.jpg.jpg) [Lots of curious photographers](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:cUFB:20170902_191338.jpg.jpg) [20170902_200213](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:8L00:20170902_200213.jpg.jpg) [20170902_200225](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:lCNU:20170902_200225.jpg.jpg) [Opposite platform accessible via passageway beneath tracks](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:Hl81:20170902_200246.jpg.jpg) [A lot of (hopefully) temporary signage](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:nBSz:img_20170902_190806_473.jpg.jpg) [IMG_20170902_200740](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:1YD3:img_20170902_200740.jpg.jpg) [IMG_20170902_191521](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:cELf:img_20170902_191521.jpg.jpg) [Digital signs are a new design but announcements and audio cues are all familiar](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:aVt7:img_20170902_192032.jpg.jpg) [Toilets on the platform](//muut.com/u/kojects/s3/:kojects:HEfU:img_20170902_194320.jpg.jpg) [IMG_20170902_200740](img_20170902_200740.jpg)

Philip Partington
Sat, 02 Sep 2017 14:42:04 GMT

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