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Publicizing Your Poetry Book

Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:00:05 GMT

_Advice given by Scribner publicist contact_ Timeline 6 Months before Publication Brainstorm possible ways to market and publicize the book. 5 Months before Publication Compile galley List 4 Months before Publication Begin inquiries about reading venues Take Author photo Send galleys out 50 galleys Places that review literature Publisher's Weekly Library Journal Kirkus Journals Author has published in NYTimes Book Review Book Forum Rain Taxi Boston Review 1 Month before Publication Send 75 review copies out Most Important Publicity Window = 3 Months After Book Publication Questions to Ask How do you get your book to find its readers? How can you create a community around your book? Who are your various audiences? Given your time/energy and your personality and the personality of the book, choose publicity that is appropriate. (i.e. don't blog if you don't like blogging.) Publicity Venues Facebook Publication in Journals Author Website Best if this functions as an organic electronic expression of the book's main concerns. www.squarespace.com/ Website that allows for website design and implementation Create your own PDF Press Kit Twitter Blog Video Book Parties Readings Performance Art Attending other people's readings Examples of Successful Book Marketing Miranda July's website Tiny Tour (Video Reading Tour in different parts of poet's house) Grief writing workshops held of author whose book was on dying Poem posted to Craig's List if book was on Apartments Tips Concentrated readings are better than readings that are spread out Greater impact because multiple impressions yields higher visibility