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Career Mode Bugs

Tue, 15 May 2018 18:45:38 GMT

Love the game! The Improvements are notable in terms of gameplay, offense is less wonky, love that interceptions are down (was seriously very frustrating in last game when trying to feed the crease). Overall a huge step in the right direction. I have encountered two bugs in Career Mode Saves - 1) For some reason, OT is NOT golden goal. Was in an OT game and i scored, but then we set back up for a face off to play out the rest of the OT period. Second goal was scored and it didn't end. - The clock in OT was funky as well - as it would be stoppage when the ball was on the ground or not possessed, and then run when either team had the ball. The last two minutes of OT played out like the last two minutes of an NBA game - took forever! 2) Jersey logos don't carry over in Career mode (for Dark jerseys). The logo editor is awesome, and being able to customize "logo's" to create real world jersey striping and imaging is sweet, but for some reason career mode doesn't pick those up for Non-White Jerseys. Testing this in Casual mode, it seems all load correctly, so seems specific to career mode. General Feature request / update - once career mode is saved, any changes to jerseys, rosters, lacrosse academy don't impact already saved career or tournament files. Not a big deal but would be nice if career saves over time can be updated based on changes in the core game.