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"A Dream for Selma" -- Gil Caldwell

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 05:45:44 GMT

Jeff, Your letter inviting Marilyn and me to Selma said you wanted to "Make our presence as impactful as possible" My "Dream";Your/Our visit to Selma will serve to renew and revitalize Selma! Selma is not the city now that it was in 1965, physically. Yesterday we saw abandoned buildings, etc. that made portions of the city look like a ghost town. Yet the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement is present in memory, the Museum, the Park, the faded artwork etc. A thought for the documentary film makers. Could the Lavender Tour visit to Selma encourage investors to invest in the creation of a "New Selma" that is inclusive in every way possible? Grace and I once lived in Columbia, Maryland a new town that was created to be inclusive from the beginning. It is now economically flourishing. Some thoughts; 1. Asbury Park, NJ where we are retired was "born again" because of the presence of gay persons, and gay community. 2. Could the presence in Selma of "The Tour" serve to encourage investors, Gay and straight to make Selma an inclusive oasis in the middle of Alabama? "Hearts " from San Francisco were not left there, but were brought to Selma, and the result was the launching of a new Selma. 3. Gertrude Stein said of Oakland, "There is no there, there." Maybe yes, maybe no. But, the Lavender Tour can help put Selma on the map, not just civil rights wise, but as a living example of Gay Pride, that makes Selma more proud than it has ever been; putting "There" in Selma in ways never seen before! 4. The south can benefit from the gnp, contacts, and power of Gay and straight persons working to save a dying Selma. 5. The Bible says, "old men dream, dreams". I am an old man who wants not monuments, but communities that reflect the best of America. What a legacy the Tour could have, if the beginning of a revitalized Selma could in time result from your/our visit. Ultimately, it is in economic revival, led by those whom society and religion has bruised, that will save America from itself. Gilbert H. Caldwell