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Wed, 15 Nov 2017 22:44:31 GMT

I have lived in Birmingham for 12 years and have been on the front lines with the LGBTQ community the whole time. I have worked as the President of our Pride organization for 4 years, work at Birmingham AIDS Outreach as my day job and was the project Director to open our LGBTQ Magic City Wellness Center providing affirming and compassionate primary care to the community. I have gone head to head with Roy Moore in interviews, received death threats and endured personal sacrifice in my quest for speaking out on behalf of what is right always showing compassion and understanding when someone has a differing opinion. I am proud of my city. We have a gay mardi gras krewe that is in its 42nd year, the oldest gay softball tournament in the country, a pride organization that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, a gay health center, gay youth center and on and on. We are a small but close knit community who come together to make things happen when the call goes out. When the SFGMC came to town we truly hope you experienced the Southern Charm we are known for. We hope you experienced the history of the Civil Rights Movement, the energy or a city in its rebirth and a welcoming spirit as we were so honored to have you all with us. We hope you took away a resilience from our community that we welcome all help sent but we are grassroots and ready to make everything happen. We hope you heard stories of how so very little can go so far towards resources in our area helping those who have no other place to turn. I personally (as a former show choir kid in high school) enjoyed the concert immensely. It was fun mixed with camp mixed with a powerful message. More than that I enjoyed telling our story as a community in the south. I enjoyed making new friends who I can now keep up with on Facebook with the hopes that they will visit again one day or that I may get to SF and reunite with. I enjoyed bridging two cities from opposite sides of the country to come together with a common bond and message of love and acceptance and understanding. I truly hope you all enjoyed your time in the Magic City and that "y'all" will come back again!