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Message from Civil Rights Leader: Gil Caldwell

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 04:25:34 GMT

I just looked at the LPT promotional video! Tears streaming down my face. Did someone say "Straight Preachers Don't Cry"? If so, they lie! "We don't intend to preach or to argue, just sing and listen". (My paraphrase). The intent of the Lavender Pen Tour. And then when I heard the Chorus and the Oakland Choir sing, I teared up. A Spiritual has these words; "Joshua 'fit' (fought) the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down". The walls of assumptions, unawareness, bigotry,hatred, and religion-based prejudice, will begin to weaken and then fall as a result of the southern Lavender Tour. And, some of the walls we have erected against the south will come down as well. Each time I watch on TV a University of Alabama football game and look at the players and the crowd, I am reminded of Governor George Wallace who said; "Segregation yesterday, today, and forever", (Paraphrase). His symbolic standing in the doors at the University in time served to open, rather than close those doors to blacks. If the walls of anti-black racism could begin to come down in the so uth, so too can the walls of anti-gay heterosexism as well. The southern Lavender Tour in 2017 will be remembered in history as a time when southern hospitality deepened and expanded the practice of southern inclusivity. We who are black southerners say that when a white southerner breaks free of his/her racial bias, he/she will be more free than they have ever been. So will it be when anti-lgbtqi bias is broken. Rev. Gil Caldwell Written in a Holiday Inn Express room in Selma, Alabama October 9, 2017