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Message from Marilyn Bennett

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 04:59:09 GMT

Jeffery, I told the group that I could not have dreamt of that moment but clearly you had! I am so grateful for your vision that led us to the powerful time together at Brown Chapel, lunch, and the Pettus Bridge. I will remember it always. There are so many snapshots in my mind: your smiling face (and big hug), the sanctuary full of purple shirts, the tears of Gospel Choir members after their blowing-off-the-rooftop singing, the Chorus moving to "Hush", the circle of those who surrounded Gil and me as you sang the Irish Blessing (that picture is blurry because of the tears in my eyes), my view from behind Gil and you as we walked and rolled across the bridge, and so many more. You said the day before that y'all would love on us and you were right! It was a joyous day full of love, power, courage, and remembrance. Thank you for dreaming dreams and including us in them. Love you, Marilyn