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The LPT bridges the gap between the LGBT community and people of "Faith".

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 04:12:12 GMT

Reproducing a Face Book Post: I ran this by Tim who said it was ok to share with SFGMC members. On the last night just before our Charlotte concert, I had a heart to heart with a member of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. He told me that prior to going on the Lavender Pen Tour with us, that he was admittedly homophobic despite having a lesbian daughter. He said that he could not reconcile being gay with his strong Christian faith. And now, after embarking on the tour with us, he has come to believe in his heart that "we are all God's children, gay, straight AND trans, and that none of us are more (or less) deserving of God's love than any other person"...his words, not mine. Remarkable. I knew there were many people of faith in OIGC. I'm betting that HIS change of heart among OIGC members was NOT unique. I know my heart was irrevocably changed by participating in the tour; I'm sure countless thousands of other hearts have also been changed. Love, INDEED, Can Build A Bridge. Peace and Love to you ALL.