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The LPTour opened the door in Selma, that was only slightly opened by us.

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 04:55:33 GMT

Jeff, I have written elsewhere that Marilyn and I encountered reluctance when we visited Selma in an effort to link the gay rights struggle to the black rights struggle. That was why I wanted to visit with Pastor Strong when I got there. He shared that his having been a Chaplain in the military and the fact that the church had national landmark status, meant they could not discriminate. But, clearly you and the the Choirs impacted him and his church leaders in ways they had not imagined. My faith suggests that the Creator used Marilyn and me, to push open the door that the Lavender Pen Tour walked through. We in the Church say; "God works in mysterious ways, God's wonders to perform." I love to say that Gil and Marilyn are an "Odd Couple". I now will say that the Lavender Pen Tour and the From Selma to Stonewall Tour, are a wonderfully "Odd Couple", as well. Gil