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Mon, 06 Mar 2017 14:57:24 GMT

Anybody deal with this? Apparently it is the cause of my current gut woes. Will be working with Chris Kelly on it, but curious what to expect.

Tawnee Gibson
Wed, 15 Mar 2017 13:54:53 GMT

I'm sorry to hear Greg! Candida can be a tough one to clear, depending on if it's gone systemic. Usually a candida protocol will entail: 1. An elimination diet - Usually this starts strict for 10-14 days, then you can slowly add more foods back in, all together lasting for up to 60 days. Unfortunately, a lot of common foods and drinks we love are off limits at first (avocado, coffee, sweet potatoes, wine, as well as many carbs). Of course, how hardcore you go with this is totally up to you, and if you're not a fan of elimination diets you may still be able to clear things up with a supplement protocol. But I will say, almost all protocols for clearing candida include a special diet (thankfully, it's only temporary). 2. Supplements! - Anti-fungals and other fun stuff. Now, I've been through several candida protocols and each one has helped but never fully cleared it and I'd get setbacks (even as of 2016 I had signs). I think I have since successfully eradicated it (how I feel and LACK of symptoms makes it seem likely), although I have not officially re-tested. So, the p oint is there are tons of safe supplements you can take, but they may or may not work for your case - often it's trial and error. Chris will give you a protocol most likely, but if not, I can give you one during our next consult. I have a lot up my sleeve for this. 3. Rebuilding and healing the gut - Once you've cleared the yeast you need to repopulate and build a strong gut to avoid setbacks. Standard. 4. Lifestyle management - Stress is a big culprit in making us susceptible to yeast. As is a weak immune system, other gut issues (leaky gut from endurance training?), among other variables. So just be sure to take all this into account. I was not able to heal my gut when I was still under a lot of stress from training, work (and unnecessary mental stress too!). Also, in the killing phase you may experience "die-off" symptoms which can make you feel shitty. This is normal and ok. It can be alleviated with activated charcoal and/or zeolite clay.

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:34:00 GMT

Thanks, TP! Sounds like I've got a fun 2017 ahead of me! I'm not sure how severe my overgrowth is as I've not spoken to Chris yet, but the early read out I did of my OAT report seemed to indicate this as well as some other little nasties as culprits.