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Doctor or Trainer?

Thu, 18 May 2017 20:27:48 GMT

Hi Tawnee, I'm Joe from Mississippi. I have been on the Podcast journey with you guys for some time. I have a general health question and do not have a family physician. Although like Trevor I married to a nurse. I also do much of my training to feel and to available time. I'm a 49 yr old male 5’10 ish average 215lbs, College Music teacher, bi-vocational music minister, husband/father to 4 kids all over 13. Currently my summer plans are to swim 3 days a week (M,W,F), bike 3 days a week (Sun,T,TR) and run 3 days a week (M, W Sat). This spring I checked my blood pressure each time which was whenever I m laps it was high before the exercise (130s/80s to 150s/80s) post swim and sauna it was in the normal range (120/ 70s). I feel like I'm treating my own diagnosed high blood pressure This was a stressful year. I'm a slow self trained, self motivated middle aged triathlete. I'm fascinated by Dean Karnazes and James Lawrance aka Iron Cowboy and the Ironman Triathlon distance. I also do some cross training weights and yoga stretching. My diet is to excess in the evening alt hough I try to eat whole foods. My family is health conscience. Is it ok to lower by blood pressure through exercise, obviously the answer is yes. But who can evaluate my health issues and fitness goals? We always hear that we should consult a physician before attempting any exercise. yet when I consult them they tell me, I'm fine and maybe I could loose a few pounds. Who is out there to tell me when is too much, too much? Who has the answers to these my life questions? Cyber Podcast stalker, Joe 6 hr Half Ironman 2:30ish Olympic TRI 1:35ish Sprint TRI 5 hr Marathoner 2 hr half marathoner 50 -52 minute 10k 24-26 minute 5k Stats from the spring Life Clinic Brookhaven, MS KDMC Fitness Center (stats taken after swim and sauna) Joe Elliott, 49, male, 5’11 Date Weight Blood Pressure Pulse BOS BMI BFT 1-21-17 213 127/78 88 95% 29.8 32.5% 2-4-17 215 124/74 70 96% 30.1 26.6% 2-7-17 218 131//70 64 - - 24.8% 2-9-17 217 115/76 64 97% 30.4 25.4% 2-11-17 211 110/79 77 96% 29.5 25.1% 2-17-17 215 124/83 80 96% 30.0 24.4% 2-21-17 216 118/78 56 98% 30.1 24.9% 2-8-17 214 125/81 73 97% 29.9 25.5% 3-4-17 211 108/83 84 96% 29.5 25.4% 3-13-17 214 118/83 87 97% 29.8 24.9% 3-15-17 212 125/80 68 98% 29.6 24.5% 3-17-17 212 117/78 68 98% 29.7 25.4% 3-20-17 145/76 40 3-25-17 215 127/78 76 98% 30.0 25.0% 3-28-17 213 132/74 72 97% 29.8 24.6% 4-3-17 219 128/77 69 97% 30.5 25.4% 4-6-17 216 116/72 70 97% 30.2 24.6% 4-29-17 212 119/77 77 95% 29.6 25.3% 5-13-17 213 116/72 82 94% 29.8 ---- 5-15-17 215 117/72 77 97% 30.1 24.5% 5-17-17 215 127/73 73 96% 30.0 25.1%

Tawnee Gibson
Thu, 25 May 2017 15:43:58 GMT

Hi Joe, Thank you for asking the question and telling us about you! It definitely sounds like you would benefit from hiring either a coach and/or functional practitioner or naturopath. A coach is going to be able to look at your training and YOU as a person and decide how much volume and intensity is best for your health and desired results. When I take on new athletes I give a very in-depth questionnaire (many pages) that helps me decide where you're starting at, your fitness needs, what you have available in your schedule and what you should be doing - then go from there! A lot of people find that their minds are at ease when a coach is in charge of the programming and daily workout writing - no more guessing game for you on "how much." If you aren't in a position to hire a coach, LMK and I can give you more guidance on this. Secondly, having a functional practitioner on your team will allow you to get legit answers to the health questions you have. It sounds like you're doing a good job managing your BP but I totally understand that you want to be as healthy as po ssible. Much of conventional medicine looks to treat you when things are clearly going bad or to treat disease, but that sometimes leaves a gap, what about those of use who aren't in ideal health but also don't have disease? For example your blood tests may show in normal ranges but are you really at your best state? Functional medicine looks more closely at the body to address those who just want to feel better and who want to make sure they don't get to an unhealthy state. lastly, if I were to have you as a client I'd certainly have you do a diet log so I could analyze your food intake to see how that may be contributing to things you're concerned with. Food as medicine is often the best strategy :)

Tue, 30 May 2017 18:36:30 GMT

As a 49 yr old. cross training novice, any advice you give would be appreciated. I'm not in a position to hire a coach, but as a fan I'm all ears to any guidance you have. I've heard about your questionaire and coaching, I'm just about functional healthy fitness. I imagine the coffee in the AM as a wake up is an issue but I limit that to an actual tea cup not much more. My morning workouts are fasted after that and I should pack a lunch an pre-plan a supper to stay on track. I should definitely do a food log, but earlier attempts to keep one have failed. Since I'm on the LPC, any words from you are gold.

Tawnee Gibson
Tue, 30 May 2017 18:44:53 GMT

Well, starting simple and to keep it from getting complicated, I would give you a MAF test on the run and bike and see what that yields (run 3-5 miles at true MAF; bike 30-45 min at MAF). I would also have you do a test in the pool; depending on your fitness you could do a threshold test of 5-6 X 300; or for an aerobic test you could do a few timed 400s or 500s. If you also are already doing a bit of intensity I'd also have you do a 10min run LT test and 20min Bike FTP test. Those tests alone will say a lot about your fitness needs. If you do each of them, separate by a few days, and especially space apart the LT and FTP tests. Feel free to share your results on this thread if you're cool with it. I'd love it! It's also important to factor in HOW much time per week you have to train and managing that with other life stress - those are things I can really only gauge from the questionnaire :) Lastly, I'd ask for a diet log of what you eat for ~5 days.... and if you want to do that and post it on the forum I'm happy to give some basic feedback.

Tue, 30 May 2017 21:46:54 GMT

OK let me work on that.

Tawnee Gibson
Tue, 30 May 2017 22:20:31 GMT

PS - I meant 20min run LT test, not 10.

Wed, 31 May 2017 18:33:56 GMT

I use mapmyrun for data/ workouts, I have a old garmin 705 GPS with heart rate strap. Have data just not sure what to do with it. Time and deciphering the info is an issue. I will attempt to enter everything i eat into mapmyfitness. I'll eat responsibly for the next week. Swam 60 laps in 50 meter lap pool I think. time 1hr 08 min 19 sec 30 lap splits by watch 34 min 17 sec .29 1 .58:38 11 1.08.04 21 1.10.87 2 1.05.67 12 1.07.97 22 1.12.01 3 1.06.59 13 1.10.34 23 1.09.53 4 1.08.69 14 1.09.97 24 1.09.33 5 1.07.12 15 1.06.00 25 1.11.95 6 1.08.04 16 1.08.26 26 1.10.69 7 1.06.67 17 1.08.50 27 1.11.91 8 1.09.04 18 1.10.16 28 1.09.69 9 1.08.02 19 1.09.75 29 1.10.13 10 1.08.74 20 1.07.89 30 1.07.34

Tawnee Gibson
Sun, 16 Jul 2017 16:16:37 GMT

How have things been going Joe, did you do the MAF tests and LT test?