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4.6btc hacked

Sat, 26 Jan 2019 11:13:27 GMT

Fraudulent withdraw/hack: At 2:00 PM a trader by the name of robertellington trade #36195944 I seen that his account was created >1 hour, so i quickly canceled the trade. Asked him to contact me on my whatsapp. For verification so my coins are held up by a 3rd party scammer or otherwise. He then tells me he is concerned. I asked him why is that he asked me if i checked the forums. I told him which forums. He said localbitcoins forums. Curious and skeptical I went to the forums. As soon I click on forums it asked me to log in. I proceeded to login and a red text popped up along the lines of [Repeated action denial error]. Then my coins went to 0. 01/26/2019 14:19 4.60377631 Sent to 13WaahhsiGph4ysmQtjVhVTdgQUSL62KJr txid f43f9664d0f1ddc57d214869e39bc443787ca289b1dd03bb71bf457af6d511e3 I checked my Ip logs. Nothing else was logged in to my browser. I never received a browser login guard email. I have spoken to other traders as now i know it was a hack on your servers. Can Localbitcoins please resolve this.

Sat, 26 Jan 2019 11:14:32 GMT

It seems you were the biggest one they got. They blocked transactions quick so i am confident they will refund the users who lost funds. If they don't that is just wrong and unprofessional.