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Popup Blocker Customization Request

Tue, 06 Jul 2021 21:59:32 GMT

Hi there, longtime user of NetLimiter and pretty happy with its set of features and capabilities, but there has been one thing I have felt would help solve an annoyance of mine. I would greatly appreciate if you were able to add an option to pick the Blocker Popup window location - currently it is pretty much locked to the bottom right of the primary monitor forever and ever and ever. I've taken to leaving an active block request for some garbage I don't care about just so that I can drag and keep the popup blocker window in the location that I actually want it - the top left of my second monitor. It's not ideal, but an actual feature allowing the blocker to live somewhere else would help not only me but anyone who does gaming on their primary monitor as well. Hopefully that is something that could be done without making a big mess in the code base. Thanks!