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Sort by Date for Blocker section

Mon, 05 Apr 2021 02:01:40 GMT

Hi, I'm an avid user of Netlimiter and appreciate the usefulness of this tool and the continuous updates. So much so that its been a highly recommend to friends and family. Thanks for this. But straight to the point, I have been missing a feature from a previous version of the program which is sorting blocked apps by order of the day in which they were blocked. While "weighting" is indeed useful, can this be included back as a column maybe? Or is there a way to achieve this that I might not be aware of? Thanks [Image_2021-04-05_120105](//muut.com/u/locktime/s3/:locktime:x5XN:image_20210405_120105.png.jpg)

Fri, 16 Apr 2021 19:13:59 GMT

Technically it's only possible to sort each weight group separately. Now the rules are sorted by filter name. We also can add sorting by creation time. We will consider it.

Fri, 16 Apr 2021 19:23:01 GMT

We also can add "created time" and "updated time" column to the "Rule list" view. The view can be configured to show "blocker" rules only as seen on the picture. This way we would achieve the requested functionality if I understand you well. [Screenshot 2021-04-16 211934](//muut.com/u/locktime/s1/:locktime:f63F:screenshot20210416211934.jpg.jpg)

Tue, 12 Oct 2021 02:25:38 GMT

I think a sorting by creation time works. I'm old school and very much prefer to work offline unless I absolutely need to, in which case, I then allow whatever program I need to go online. Being able to sort by the date the rule was created makes it a lot easier to keep track of things and avoid confliction between updates.

Tue, 12 Oct 2021 02:40:28 GMT

Just made the update. Charming....simply charming. [Love Limiter](//muut.com/u/locktime/s1/:locktime:UBoy:lovelimiter.jpg.jpg)