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1770 French Bench Doe's Foot

Chris Murphy
Sat, 16 Jul 2016 22:36:54 GMT

I never quite understood how one would plane the edge of a board that was too short to reach the hold fast holes on the right hand leg on the vise-less French benches. I also never quite understood why the doe's feet shown in most of the plates I've seen were so wide and short. It bothered me why the dog holes in Roubo's plate 11 bench were so close to the front edge. When Chris posted the German copy of the 1770 plate he posted today I thought the position of the does foot was very strange. I figured it might have been an artists error or misunderstand possibly.... And then when Chris posted the translated text with 1770 French plate today, it was so obvious that I'm almost a embarrassed it never occurred to me that the wide does foot could serve as a movable rear crochet! So I immediately went out to the shop, threw a board on edge in my leg vice and clamped it lightly, then clamped a doe's foot to the top of my bench as shown in the 1770 plate and... I don't want to steal Chris' thunder. So all I'll say is go try it for yourself!